DID YOU REALLY SAY NO / Oren Lavie ft. Vanessa Paradis

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BEDROOM CRIME #1: A man and a woman live in a house that is too big for the size of their own relationship. DID YOU REALLY SAY NO is the first installment in a series of music videos from the album “Bedroom Crimes.” https://www.facebook.com/OrenLavieOffici al/ WRITTEN AND DIRECTED BY Oren Lavie MUSIC BY Oren Lavie ft. Vanessa Paradis CINEMATOGRAPHY David Stragmeister CHOREOGRAPHY Rachel Erdos EDITOR Dafi Farbman ACTORS Vanessa Paradis Oren Lavie DANCERS Julien Ramade Robin Fabre Elissalde Antonin Chediny Arnaud Lambert Aurore Mettray Judith Arazi Fanny Coulm Veronika Akopova Fanny Sage PRODUCTION HK CORP COLOR GRADING Yair Nahshon POST Omri Grossman

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