Cartoon Network - 25 Years



Cartoon Network has always been an inspiration for kids everywhere. So much so, that even many grown-ups who work in animation do it exactly because of how much they loved Cartoon’s creations when they were young. That’s why it was such a gigantic honor for us at Le Cube, after we too were not so long ago just kids sitting in front of the TV amazed by what we saw, to create the channel’s 25th-anniversary celebration film. Director: Gabriel Fermanelli Executive Producer: Gustavo Karam JuanMa Freire Producer: Juliana Millán Art Director: Gastón Pacheco Design: Gastón Pacheco Martín Vinograd Delfina Perez Adán Juan Barabani Juan Pez Blás Rodriguez Leandro Chamán Florencia Tasso Layout: Diego de Rose Valentina Candia Alejandro Briganti Melisa Farina Animation: Cintia Czeszczewik Alejandro Briganti Valentina Candia Melisa Farina Natalia Bedrossian Kate Pryor Franco Pelliciaro Ana Artaza Juan Pablo Barbieri Animation Clean up: Julieta Culacciati Giorgio Gore Franco Pelliciaro Ana Artaza Kate Pryor Yas Hanna Facundo Lopez Facundo García Agostina Salvemini Florentina Gonzalez Guadalupe Marimorena Florez Cortez Luis Cantiani Mariano del Franco Compositing: Vicente Ziegler Jardeson Rocha Music & Sound Design: Cachorro Loco

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