Die Brücke über den Fluss - The Bridge over the River

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by Jadwiga Kowalska Switzerland, August 2016 A man on a bridge, separated from his love. Longing to be with her one last time, he decides to seek her on the other side. Credits: WRITER, DIRECTOR, ANIMATOR: Jadwiga Kowalska | FREE AFTER A POEM BY: Johann König | PRODUCTION: Jadwiga Kowalska, Swiss Television SRF | PRODUCER: Jadwiga Kowalska | CO-ART DIRECTOR: Ralph Kühne | MUSIC: Christian Aregger, Roland Bucher | SOUNDDESIGN: Thomas Gassmann | SOUNDMIX: Denis Séchaud - Studio MASÉ S.A. | FOLEY ARTIST: Dieter Hebben | ADDITIONAL ANIMATION: Matthias Cuciniello, Florian Grolig | ADDITIONAL PAINT ON CELLS: Conradin Wahl | ADDITIONAL COMPOSITING: Julia Munz, Naomi Homenu | ANIMATION SUPERVISOR: Andreas Hummel | EDITING: Fee Liechti | SOUND EDITING: Kilian Vilim | VOICE: Patric Gehrig | SUPPORTED BY: Bundesamt für Kultur BAK, Berner Filmförderung, Luzerner Filmförderung, FUKA Fonds Luzern, Familien Vontobel Stiftung, MIGROS Kulturprozent | DISTRIBUTION: Jadwiga Kowalska © Copyright - All Rights reserved

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