Szagos Hörigekkók - Eper (Strawberry)



A fun psychedelic music video made for the Hungarian children band Smelly Hamstergeccos. Follow me here: My portfolio site: awberry The Smelly Hamstergeccos (2012-2016) was a Hungarian children rockband established by a 14 and 10 year old brother and sister. Their songs and lyrycs are as intuitive and powerful as the best children drawings. This psychedelic music video was created with the same fun mentality using colour crayon drawings to present the band’s members and the song’s hero, a strawberry. Check out their other songs: t CREDITS: Directed and designed by: Péter Vácz Band members: Fanni & Márk Csernovszky Creative producer: Rita Domonyi Producer: József Fülöp Produced by: MOME Anim STRAWBERRY (Lyrycs) A strawberry breaks my heart as he lies in his green bed hiding away from me. He doesn't want me, he doesn’t want my bite, he who's a strawberry. I'd like to reach him but I can’t.

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