Seicha Matcha - It Has Matcha!



Sparkling and boosting your brain to max without any after effects. That's Seicha Matcha. But how the japanese green tea seicha got to the bottle of Matcha? Find it out in our imaginative stop motion animation. Those 30 seconds took more than month and a half to produce. We combined the best from digital and analogue techniques in animation. First, we sketched, designed the characters, storyboarded. Then we made the whole set and props in 3D in order to create origami-style printed sheet. After two weeks of cutting and glueing we were ready to animate with more than 250 paper objects. When the animation was done, we went back to digital to retouch and postproduce. Making of coming soon. Client: Seitcha Matcha Director, animator: Veronika Zacharová Creative Director: Martin Jůza Producer: Johana Burešová Sound: Matěj Chrudina Music: Václav Toman VFX, postpro: Jáchym Hrubý, Vojtěch Kamas 2018

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