NEW SENSES - OFFF Barcelona 2017 Film by Outro



In this edition, we decided to kill the Open Titles and introduce you something special. Based on the OFFF Barcelona 2017 campaign, NEW SENSES is a story about a first time experience. Outro studio have decided to represent OFFF as an essential element, a brand that provides a formula for a sensorial rebirth - everything you see, hear, taste, touch and smell is a first time experience. A film by Outro Studio. With Àlex Monner and Greta Fernández. Directed by Marc Castellví Music and Sound Design: Aimar Molero ( DOP: Nilo Zimmermann Art Director: Kevin Sabariego Graphic designers: Adrià Pifarré and Roger Varela Producers: Úrsula Gallemí and Cris Moya Set Designer: Kaká Gouvea Production Assistant and making of: Ana Freitas Focus Puller: Ssoi Ramon Gaffer: Eloi Teixidó Dolly Grip: Adrià Pardo Sparks: Xavier Guillem Stylist: Amparo Moreno Camera and technical supplies courtesy of Light and grip courtesy of Aerial shots courtesy of Color correction courtesy of Costumes supplies courtesy of Showroom Costume BCN ( Make up courtesy of David Molina Make Up School Hairdressing courtesy of Barcelona Hair Academy Sound recording services courtesy of Jump Studio & More ( English corrector: Robin Rycroft Driver Specialist: Anton Ryadkov Additional cast: Surgeon 1: Arnau Abril Surgeon 2: Cris Moya Surgeon 3: Carmen Galán Farmer: Kevin Sabariego Special thanks: Anna and Xavier ( Esther Vallejo Antonio Sabariego Carlos Cenarro