ON Running — “No Room For Grey Areas”

Source: http://vimeo.com/258792296


Commissioned by ON Running (https://www.on-running.com) to promote their new shoe Cloud X which was released in a special all black and all white version. Shot in Iceland the film creates a world of black and white, brutalist and wild but technical, balancing sublime landscapes with technical closeups and 3D renderings of the shoe. The film pits a runner agains his alter ego, chasing each other until it comes to a final stand off between both. Client - On Running (on-running.com) DIRECTOR Thomas Traum (TRAUM INC) CREATIVE DIRECTION Alex Griffin (On-Running), Thomas Traum EDITING Nikolaj Beltzer (OKAY Studio) GRADING Ludovic Roussaux (OKAY Studio) DOP Ruaraid Achilleos 1ST AC Matthew Choules TALENT Kazeem Temiday STYLIST Erna Bergann VFX TRAUM INC (Safwaan Motara, Hayden Martin, Thomas Traum) PRODUCTION TRAUM INC