Vidque Overview

Thousands of users like yourself using Vidque to save and discover online videos.

A website account is updated automatically using our syndication system. Daily we populate website accounts based on the videos being shared at a given URL (Example: blog, twitter account, RSS or website). Any user can follow a website account.

A user can request to follow a new website by submitting a request for a website account to be added to Vidque.

The Que was designed to help you discover great online videos on a daily basis.

When a user or website that you follow saves a video to their collection it is shown as an action on your Que.

Videos that are already in your collection are never shown in your Que.


What is the purpose of Vidque?

Vidque is a free curation platform designed to help discover, filter and archive online video content. Controlled and curated by its users, Vidque aims to simplify the discovery of quality video content through the joint effort of the online community. Read our story here.

Can I save multiple videos at once?

Yes simply open a webpage that has multiple videos on it and paste it in the "Add Video" popup. All embedded videos on the page should be added to your Vidque collection.

What are trending tags?

A list of tags that are currently popular on the entire Vidque system.

How are trending videos determined?

We use a unique algorithm to determine if a video is worthy of being featured on the trending list. Keep in mind the trending algorithm is always being improved. The amount of users saving a video has very little effect on the trending status of a video. Vidque was built to prevent spam and to promote quality content.

Why are my saved videos not displayed on the "Newest videos" section on Vidque?

The newest videos page is divided into filtered or unfiltered videos.

By default the newest videos page shows filtered videos only. To view unfiltered videos click "show unfiltered" link. Filtered videos are determined based on the trust level of a Vidque user. Trust status is calculated based on the behaviour of your Vidque account.

I'm having trouble saving a video.

Make sure you are saving a video supported by Vidque. We support: Youtube, Vimeo, Ted and Bliptv.

If you are unable to save a video, please try again using the video source URL.
(Source URL example:

Can you add support for another online video host other than Youtube, Vimeo, TED and Bliptv?

Probably not. Vidque is run by two individuals with no funding or revenue from Vidque. Unless the video provider pays us for our time to add their video service, we would rather focus our efforts on more important features.