MarVall in Hot Chocolate - by© Pavel Badzhakov - Pavzo



Hi there, This is my second HD video with another close friend of mine, who is a gorgeous professional model, working most of the time abroad, and who decided to try this project with me. I hope you'll like it and discuss it. I am an absolute rookie in this field, so... every advice is highly appreciated. Info: Video and editing by ©Pavel Badzhakov - Pavzo Model: MarVall Music by: ©Muse - Supermassive Black Hole - (Black Holes and Revelations - 2006), Label:A&E, Helium 3 Equipment: Canon 5D MK II - handheld and a tripod used. Lenses: 700-200L/4; 17-40L/4; 50/1.8; SW: SV Pro 10 PS. Take a look @ my new edit of this video here: