Resume Paul Styler



Hi, Vimeo. I’m from Orenburg; it’s my City, my Family, and my Home. I love my Orenburg. But now I’m going to Moscow to conquer new horizons. There are not so long distance between Orenburg and Moscow. It’s just about 1500 kilometers. It’s about one day by train. I hope, the capital will become my home and we will be friends. Let’s talk about me about what I like: - I love to travel, it’s breathtakingly - I love my family, it’s very important for me - And most importantly – I love to work . In my work I’m very: hard-working, resourceful, mobile. I have an experience: program director, film editor, computer graphic designer. At the moment, I am working in company «Forward Media» in Moscow. I’m very easy to train. My progress you can see on these websites. I would like to learn to make cartoons and generally explore the process of creation. I love the motion and I want to expand in this way. ume-Paul-Styler/2353348