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Bio:i I'm motion designer from Porto Alegre, Brazil. Working with moving images, graphic design, photo manipulation, animation, editing and VFX. Design has always been a passion of mine. I have pleasure and enjoy everything I do.

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ah experimental film lee lego motion shelter stop studio sunghwan

Tune for Two (2011)

2011 comedy execution funny kitano musical primodrom scandinavia short sweden takeshi tune two violence

primitive (love)

3d 4d abstract bulgaria c4d cinema di-t dimo expression love mograph primitive room short sofia trifonov

GNT 2011 - ON AIR - Reel

aftereffects identidadevisual marca

Welcome to Fontevraud

after aftereffects effects music
youtube round Thiago Pethit - Nightwalker (Official Music Video)

Thiago Pethit - Nightwalker (Official Music Video)

alice alicebraga braga music musicvideo planosequencia

Nuit Blanche

after aftereffects effects

Abertura Noite de Prêmios ESPM 2010

after anuario effects espm noitedepremios

Abertura do Programa Etal ESPM

after aftereffects aislan blender effects espm