I Feel, Therefore I Can Be Free

Source: http://vimeo.com/232594484


Sara Gómez's groundbreaking film, DE CIERTA MANERA / ONE WAY OR ANOTHER (1974), examines the effects of the Cuban Revolution on a Havana neighborhood and its residents and workers. A hybrid film that mixes documentary footage with a fictional romance between Yolanda, a primary school teacher, and Mario, a factory worker, DE CIERTA MANERA deftly examines the ongoing tensions of the Revolution. "I Feel, Therefore I Can Be Free," borrows from Audre Lorde in its title as well as in the written text within the video. Lorde's words, intercut with sequences from Gómez's film, come together in the spirit of Sylvia Wynter's deciphering practice. By questioning the aims of representational analysis in attempts to understand Caribbean films and filmmaking, Wynter explains that a deciphering practice "seeks to identify not what texts and their signifying practices can be interpreted to mean but what they can be deciphered to do." This video essay is part of a series on DE CIERTA MANERA.