Geese Surf Glenwood Wave @ 25,500 cfs!! (Original)



This is the original video of the infamous surfing geese. I was filming some kayakers surfing at the Glenwood Springs Whitewater Park when I saw this group of geese floating toward the wave. Their technique is actually pretty good; beginning surfers could learn a lot. This was taken 6/7/11 at a 27-year high flow of 25,500 cfs. Since so many have expressed concern over the geese, it seemed to me like they were all okay when they washed out at the bottom. For those still concerned about the geese's safety, check out this Discovery Channel analysis: wY

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P.S. For those that have been asking where this is, it's in Glenwood Springs, Colorado, USA, on the Colorado River. The Glenwood Whitewater Park was designed by You can get more information about events going on at the wave on the website:

A NOTE ABOUT REPRODUCTION: If you want to use it it some way, please ask me. I am reasonable and will probably work with you.