Many wanted more Tetris videos. Here is now my eighth version of Softbody Tetris with the right or most commonly used colors (i hope) and a bit of grass ;)
ASMR for my eyes ;)
I love the original Tetris game.
The eighth version of Softbody Tetris created with Cinema 4D

Rendertime more than 51 hours. One PC and 2 Titan xP.

Special thanks for the help. They gave me hints on the most commonly used colors:
Uriel Galindo Orozco
Aidan Jozefiak

I hope I did not forget anyone ;)

There are any issues. At the end you can see the grass problems.
I have an image from the test rendering thats looks very funny. You see too much grass. In any days i will upload this on my website.

Relax and enjoy this Tetris video. Some people make it happy and satisfied. It also has a calming effect.

ASMR = Autonomous sensory meridian response

C4D4U: Animations and any tutorials U