How Old Can We Get?



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Gener al info on aging:

Oldest People Ever: _verified_oldest_people

Oldest People who are STILL ALIVE: ing_supercentenarians

Article on age and the first person to be 150 (in the future): e/has-the-elixir-of-youth-come-of-age-19 71341.html

Moratlity Rates by age: Graph_Group_Id=347

Biological Immortality (Hydra, for example): immortality

Survival Curves for different types of organisms: APBIO/Populations/ m

Methuselah Tree: expl_grove.html

Pando: ee%29

Intense, new things are remembered as happening more slowly: w-emergencies.html

Scientific paper about emotions and memory: 722571771083/fulltext.pdf

"Flashbulb Memories": emory

NPR program on how long our lives "feel": es-time-fly-by-as-you-get-older

Slashdo t's comments section on NPR's topic is good: 03/0034214/why-time-flies-by-as-you-get- older

Graph of year-by-year as percentage of total life: ur-life