Erdal Erzincan - Gönül Defteri I A Take Away Show



Shot in Istanbul, Maltepe, July 2014

Directed by Aelred Nils
Sound Direction by François Clos
Produced by Alexandre François, Ceren Gür and François Clos
Interview by Alexandre François
Translation by Ceren Gür

Very special thanks to Erdal Erzincan and Ihsan Özdemir.

To all our friends Sinan Tınar, Ali Yavuz, Elâ Nuroğlu, Ali & Sürmeli Dikdere, Özgün özdemir, Emre Gözgu, Zınar Yılmaz, Rabia Kurban & Alican Torun.

To those who remain constant sources of inspiration :
Tülây German, Pelin Esmer, Yusuf Sevincly, Ahmed Hamdi Tanpinar, Sait Faik Abasıyanık, Pir Sultant Abdal, Jerome Cler & Vincent Moon.

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