THE UNBOUND - San Fransisco 2018



Chop 'em Down Films captured this wonderful shot of 'The Unbound' The Unbound is the latest work from Faith XLVII, covering the prominent UC Hastings University of Law Building in the Tenderloin. ‘The Unbound’ is an ode to the Peace Manifesto, an almost archetypal cry for ceasefire revisited throughout history by various groups and organizations. Faith uses the symbol of the White Flag in various stages of motion to give weight to these simple truths that are important now more then ever. Special Thank You to Brian Greif and the UC Hastings University for making this possible. Special Thanks to Montana Cans for their support THE UNBOUND We raise a White Flag as an unyielding symbolic and actual call for ceasefire. We align as fellow citizens of the sacred Earth. We understand that the wellbeing of humankind is deeply linked to the longevity of the planet. We encourage practical, intelligent actions towards protecting earth with the various organisms, animals, plants and eco-systems that it sustains. We see all humans as equal, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, culture, race or creed. We believe that sustenance, water, healthcare, shelter and education are basic human rights. We aim to engage in economic systems that value the wellbeing of people over profit. We do not view war and violence as solutions. Rather we urge governments to maintain peace between differing ideologies through negotiation. We strive for the use of technology to aid us in finding solutions to our problems by working in conjunction with, not against, natural systems. We realize that we exist in a realm of chaos and irony, thus we embrace the perseverance and poetic optimism necessary to achieve these goals . Video by Chop 'em Down Films