Teaser for "Shift Symm"

Source: http://vimeo.com/189366904


Shift Symm Audiovisual album consisting of three movements. Release 10-11-2016 on Establishment. Available as high quality digital video on Sedition, limited to 100 editions per video: https://www.seditionart.com/zeno-van-den -broek/collection/shift-symm Available on Bandcamp as audio album: http://vandenbroek.bandcamp.com/ A procedural shift of elements in an ongoing evolving state. The backbone of the three movements is based on an abstract formal language, creating a framework in which the elements interact, create friction and shift. Each movement focuses on the manipulation of an elementary form, using shifting as a developmental principle. This procedure repeatedly breaches the existing symmetry causing the trajectory of the three movements, which eventually results in a new entropy. Peter Kirn: "Shift Symm is a brutal, abstract audiovisual construction from Dutch-born, Copenhagen-based composer Zeno van den Broek. Raw, exposed electronic textures collide in oscillating patterns of drift. Zeno's sculptural sonic architecture plays on rigorous shifts of compositional symmetry - with results that are both hypnotic and evocative."