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3d art audiovisual generative installation laser


3d art face mapping media optitrack projection racetracker tracking video

ARTRA for MIDI percussion and electronics

3d audio interactive reactive realtime touchdesginer


3d altorithmic ambient audio diy electronic franz function generative honegumi nephogram noise pathline procedural rosati stochastic visual


3d animation beatcam camera cg compositing lapse light loft music photography projections rig softimage sync time visual

THE VOID (audiovisual installation)

3d audiovisual installation interactive mapping projection projection. touchdesigner void

Transparent Machines™

3d 4d animation beeple c4d cinema cool facebook mike nsa privacy transparency winkelmann


3d busan chips elliot installation interactive kimchi mapping mimi projection scan son vvvv woods

TightLight: Automatic 3D Projection Mapping Method

3d 3ds architectural arduino derivative designer mapping max projection touch touchosc video

26th Floor | Augmented Sculpture

3d augmented beirut four mapping projection sculpture seasons urbanscreen video

Yota Devices / Scenarios

3d audiovisual barcelona congress devices installation mapping mobile mwc onionlab projection world yota


3d computational design image interactive mapping platige printing

loci - 3D Printed Sculptures of Your Flights

3d ciid data design flying generative interaction maxmsp printing sculture software tangible visualization

Quartz Composer + Vdmx and Livid Block + mlrv testing

3d 3dconnexion abstract ape5 block composer livid mesh midi mlrv monome navigator osc quartz space vdmx vidvox

Synthetic Biology – Syn Bio Ads (London)

3d biology birds boids camera swarming synthetic tracker voodoo vvvv

The Bottle

3d art interactive mapping projection real time touchdesigner video