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Lumière II Version 2.1

ableton animation art audio audiovisual concert graphics laser light live maxmsp performance vector visual

Robin Fox Laser Show

audio av fox laser robin show synaesthesia visual


audio installation laser outlines touchdesigner tundra visual

ARTRA for MIDI percussion and electronics

3d audio interactive reactive realtime touchdesginer

Beep Webisode: David Viens

atmos audio chipsounds chipspeech design game plogue sound video

white circle /// raster-noton 20 anniversary /// zkm karlsruhe

alva audio bender bretschneider byetone carsten circle david frank installation kangding karlsruhe klangdome kunst letellier licht nicolai noto olaf rasternoton ray white zirkonium zkm


3d altorithmic ambient audio diy electronic franz function generative honegumi nephogram noise pathline procedural rosati stochastic visual


arboretum audio drp fax generative lehrter performance unrender video

Creatures AV Show Teaser

audio av bass beats bodies creatures dark distorted haunting hypnotic live teaser visual vj

Drøp feat. Fax - Transition

andrea arboretum audio ctm drp experimental familari fax performance transition video

Audio Tracks and convert Audio to Keyframes

audio convert keyframes track vezer vezr

HandySynth Teaser

550d audio codea icebreaker ipad kontakt light motion painting plugin stop t2i

LAYERS (teaser) / Audiovisual performance

ableton audio av crow electronic experimental live music nohista parallel performance resolume universes vatak video visual
youtube round de/Rastra - Oscillographic Synthesizer and Computer Interface - Kyle Evans (Performance Excerpts)

de/Rastra - Oscillographic Synthesizer and Computer Interface - Kyle Evans (Performance Excerpts)

accelerometer audio beam ben bending bent burn cathode circuit computer crt de derastra diy documentation electromagnet electromagnetism electron electronic evans experimental force glitch hack hacking instrument interface june kyle leposky live max maxmsp msp music nam noise open oscillographic oscilloscope paik performance phosphor programming rastra ray real resistor sensing software sound source studio synthesizer time tube tv video visualizations xbee yaktronix

Circle Phaser

analogue art audio beamer bring byob drone flatpack glitch oscilloscope own sound visual visuals vj vvvv your

Baroque.me: J.S. Bach - Cello Suite No. 1 - Prelude

art audio classical experimental html5 interactive music sound visualization