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Doodle Tunes

ableton drawings learning machine ml4a music openframeworks sketches
youtube round faceprojection failed H264

faceprojection failed H264

ofbox2d openframeworks

HoloDecks - Augmented Sound Sculpture

3dprint audiovisual glitch holodecks makerbot meshlab ofmesh openframeworks


duration openframeworks

Cubepix Demo Test - by Xavi's Lab

arduino art barcelona boxes cardboard cubepix glassworks lab mapping ofxaddons openframeworks pixel tribo xavi xavislab

Baarregaard & Briem - "Love With You"

alexander architecture baarregaard briem design disco electro furniture harald haraldsson house iceland imola music nights openframeworks pop projection reykjavik video wonwei


hotpixel kinect mexico openframeworks tangible

Eyeo2012 - Kyle McDonald

dataart eyeo2012 eyeofestival kylemcdonald openframeworks

CCD - cloudStudy 3

cloud openframeworks particle

CCD - interactorStudy 7

cloud openframeworks particle repulsion

Simpsons vs. Family Guy

collage family guy mosaicing opencv openframeworks resynthesis simpsons video

Laser interaction prototype

coding creative dac generative interactive kinect laser light openframeworks processing sculpture

Making of "Nikola Tesla in Sound and Light"

design magic mapping marco nikola openframeworks popup projection ted tempest tesla virtualmagician

Nikola Tesla in Sound and Light

illusion magic mapping marco nicola openframeworks paper popup projection science tempest tesla virtualmagician

RGB+D Toolkit Overview

aesthetic applications belgrade creative kinect new openframeworks resonate slr

Kinect+SLR Filmmaking Workshop at Hangar Barcelona

aesthetic barcelona hangar kinect new openframeworks rgbd