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LAKKER Present "Struggle & Emerge"

av emerge generative lakker realtime records revive rs show struggle

Nikolay Popov -"ANF-93" for ensemble and electronic (2014)

andrew electronic ensemble music new nikolay popov quinn realtime studio u visuals

H/5: for accordion and electronic music

akipix realtime soundreactive touchdesigner

ARTRA for MIDI percussion and electronics

3d audio interactive reactive realtime touchdesginer


ableton audioreactive audiovisual daniel edisonnoside generative live mapping music performance projection realtime schwarz visuals vvvv


black code data lines live minimal motion motionbank processing realtime white

Introduction to Syphon and Projection mapping workshop @ Eyebeam

avenue eyebeam mad mapper modul8 realtime resolume syphon vdmx vj

New Resolume Controller with Video Buttons

controller led live mapping midi motion osc projection realtime resolume software veejay video visuals vj

Partitura - Ligeti {LIVE in Paris}

generative ligeti music realtime sonata visual vvvv

Partituira - Ligeti - {Excerpts}

analysis music realtime sonata sound visual vvvv

Δ Aurigæ

generative installation mountain performance realtime soundframe vvvv


1024 exyzt madmapper mapping realtime tennis video

Resolume 4.1 New Features

4.1 arena avenue live mapping performance projection realtime veejay video visual vj
youtube round Voronoi Fracture and Shatter usage examples - Blender & Bullet Physics

Voronoi Fracture and Shatter usage examples - Blender & Bullet Physics

2.6 blender body break bullet cells destruction dynamics fracture physics point realtime rigid shatter simulation software voronoi

Projection mapping controlled by stepper motor /// VVVV + Arduino

arduino augmented mapping motor moving projection projektion realtime rotate sculpture stepper steppermotor turntable vvvv
youtube round Camera GripTools OSC Xtension Setup

Camera GripTools OSC Xtension Setup

3d 4d animation architecture building c4d camera capture capturing cinema cinema4d control design desktop direct dmi film free griptools injection max maxon mocap moco mode motion open osc realtime scene software sound timesaver tool tutorial virtual