THE EVIL DEAD in 60 seconds with clay



Not for children, clay animation version of The Evil Dead cut down to just 60 seconds. Contains plastecine blood and clay horrors as well as Bruce Campbell clay doll look-a-like - voiced with British accents too

NOTE ABOUT TREE R---: there's a load of comments saying 'wheres the tree R---?' Well, here's my response - It was left out intentionally, Sam Raimi has stated several times how he regrets the 'tree r---' scene in EVIL DEAD, also, I personally HATE that scene but even more importantly, YouTube have a zero tolerance policy on S-- content (Graphic violence is OK! But Implied S--ual activity is not, that's censorship for you.) which would have resulted in the removal/age restriction of this video.

「死霊のはらわた」of 粘土