Gaming Beyond the Iron Curtain: East Germany



Here's a brief tour of a retro game collection too rare to find this side of the Berlin wall.
Fun fact: because of confusion with the German abbreviation of the GDR (the "DDR,") Konami's "Dance Dance Revolution" was re-named "Dancing Stage" in European markets.

Music by the spirited Ace Waters: e3rd

The Computerspiel museum in Berlin. Highly recommended: Home.htm

Here's a link to an emulator where you can play the Poly Play: lay

Here's a link to Andrew Weissflog's site, with select choices of his KC85 games emulated:

Here's GameStar's article, main source for the video, but you have to buy and Google translate: piele_in_der_ddr,3313887.html

Here's a free article, shortened version of above, but still all in German: puter-mit-kilobytes-gegen-den-klassenfei nd-a-948669.html

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