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WCW wants to build toward Scott Steiner vs. Goldberg. Bill Busch's authority was undermined by the Steiner situation since Busch wanted to suspend Steiner for making unauthorized comments during a live Nitro interview, but Brad Siegel decided not to fight Steiner's lawyers & basically let Steiner return with no punishment.

PWT0rch [8th Apr 2000]
There aren't enough heel opponents in WCW who can make for an interesting feud with Goldberg. The best option is Scott Steiner, but that should be saved for later. Here is a scenario with Goldberg that could build toward a big PPV match six or twelve months down the line & establish a second huge star to rival Goldberg in WCW for years to come.

Nitro [18th July 2000]
Scott Steiner vs. Goldberg: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TiELV...

WCW Live! [18th July 2000]
Jeremy Borash, Bob Ryder, Mark Madden, & Tony Schiavone discuss Scott Steiner vs. Goldberg:
https://youtu.be/NMaH2GWMOIg?t =3h17m46s