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Light Cycles.

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Exploring Detroit's Packard plant on a dirt bike

abandoned auto bieffe bla cycle detroit diddly dji dunlop exploration factory giorgio honda inc. k70 levis moroder motocross motorcycles motorpickle music packard plant ruin urban warnerchappell wizard xr600 xr600r
youtube round The Scientific Power of Naps

The Scientific Power of Naps

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youtube round Hotpoint Washer Tears Itself Apart - Original Washer Destruction

Hotpoint Washer Tears Itself Apart - Original Washer Destruction

against alternative apart apparatus applaince brush burn burning carnage change chinese clean climate copper cycle destruction die diy donestic electricity energy engine environment fire fix flame free gas generator global green hotpoint howto induction itself laundry machines memories metal motor per performance photonic plastic polypropylene power rage scrap self shatter solar spin steel tears tech total universal variac warming washer water watt world
youtube round Cycle-Skating - The New Sport of 1923

Cycle-Skating - The New Sport of 1923

archive bizarre blading british clip cycle documentary film footage historical history movie news newsreel original pathe roller skating skiiing sports video vintage