Offf Barcelona - Main titles



Opening title credits for Offf Festival Barcelona 2017. The film tells the surreal stories of characters moving around in the same space in a complex choreography of interlaced paths. The tight human pattern they weave often comes really close to overlapping, yet they remain invisible to one another. Inspired by the 1982 film "Tango" by Zbigniew Rybszynski. CREDITS Directed by : Julien Vallée & Eve Duhamel Produced by : Sailor Productions Cinematographer : John Londono Choreographer : Isabelle Boulanger Music by : Pressure by Milk & Bone Post-Production : Mels Casting : Girl waking up : Wensi Yan Guy jumping : Daniel Alwell Girl reading a book : Lydia Weber Girl with the ball : Kimberly Bittner quinn Giant girl : Amanda Van Der Siebes Dancer girl : Brontë Poiré-Prest Giant guy : Theodore Pellerin Girl in the window : Solène Buxo-Marti Makeup and hair artist : Maïna Militza Makeup and hair assistant : Josianne Morin & Josianne Cournoyer Stylist : Tinashe Musara Clothes are courtesy of : Laugh by Lafaille COS H&M studio Paulina Wonder Sachika Camera 1st camera assistant : Kevin Corvellec DIT / Video Assist : Daniel Lacasse Electric gaffer : Jackson Girard Best Boy Electrician : Julie Martel Electrician : Alexandre de Ernsted