Amazing Kung-Fu Puppets From Taiwan



Footage of Taiwanese glove puppetry (Potehi or Budaixi) filmed in Yunlin, Taiwan for PuppetVision: The Movie, a feature length documentary about puppeteers and puppetry around the world that is scheduled to be released in late 2012.

Potehi is a traditional form of glove puppetry that is performed throughout Taiwan. The Taiwanese artists who operate these puppets are remarkably skilled technical puppeteers who perform in a style that is unlike anything seen in the West.

The Taiwanese puppeteers who appear in this video are (in order of appearance):

Master Chong Jen-pi (鍾任壁)
"A-Zon" Chen Han-zon (阿-忠)
Master Huang Shih-chin (黃世志)

Special thanks to the volunteers and staff of The Yunlin International Puppetry Festival and Yunlin Storyhouse in Huwei, Yunlin, Taiwan for all their assistance, support and friendship.