Baseball Slow Motion Rendering



Well this is a rendering made with Cinema 4D and Adobe After Effects. The whole Idea is from the brilliant people at GreyScaleGorilla (here's the Link to the tutorial: /make-a-baseball-intro-with-cinema-4d-an d-physical-renderer/ ). Some minor things i had to tweak at this project: - i didn't use R14 and didn't had the "seamless Floor" from the HDRI Studio Pack, so the setup is a bit more basic than in the tutorial. - I added a camera movement to the C4D Rendering (i wanted the Ball appear as passing by / the camera is passing by, and the ball moves out of view. Because of this i couldn't use two emitters. That somehow screwed up the illusion of flying dirt from the ball. - Additionally to the emitter (which is located behind the ball), i added a attractor in torus form (sliced on roughly 90° and bend around the ball) so the flying dirt is attracted towards the camera, compensating a bit the missing second emitter - The ball texture didn't worked out to well. So i left it a bit more "cleaner", which i liked anyway. It looks more like a rendering now than realistic. But it's somehow ok ;) - The glows in After Effects are missing, because of lack of the plugin - The motion blur (smart motion blur) is missing because of the plugin. I added a standard motion blur which blurs the whole movement a bit - Instead of the FL GLow i added a standard glow by accident, but it turned out to fit in nicely (the glowing surface of the ball on the beginning and the end) - The Swooosh Sound is from: shes-and-swooshes/swoosh-12.html . I mixed it so at the beginning its coming in forward on 200% Time stretch and the out is reveresed with 100% Time Stretch... Hope you like it. Comment if you like! Cheers, marscell