Flickermood 2.0

Source: http://vimeo.com/3302330


A film by Sebastian Lange – The next level of this experimental typographic orgy. Direction and Animation by Sebastian Lange – Music by Forss Flickermood was basically all done in AE - the soundtrack is from FORSS (check out his music at http://www.forss.to). View QuickTime version here: http://www.basisbild.de/flickermood Flickermood has been screened and awarded on several festivals and events including: A DesignFilmFestival, Singapore and DMY Berlin, 2010 The Int'l Festival of Cinema and Technology, Los Angeles Audiopleasures Audiovisual Weekend, Amsterdam Audio Visual Media Days 09, Munich Design Forum Freiburg International Amsterdam Film Festival 2008 (IAFF). Animatu Festival 2008, Beja/Lissabon. Bitfilm Festival 08 in Stuttgart and Hamburg Adobe booth on NAB '08 in Las Vegas. Cracow Screen Festival 08 4th Istanbul Animation Festival 07 Flickermood has been published on: IdN Magazine, Hong Kong, 2010 Print Magazine, New York, 2010 Inksie Journal of Design & Culture, 2010 Designtagebuch.de, 2009 Best Of Bitfilm Reel, 2009 Computer Arts Projects Magazine, UK, 2009 LOOK - Electronic Magazine Adobe Reel 2008, US ARD, POLYLUX (German TV-Channel) Media Temple's collective motion project DVD magazine Smilefaucet 'UNDO', New York XPLSV.TV Top Of The Year  vimeo.com Visit our websites for more stuff: http://mynamewasgod.com and http://www.qu-int.com.