BLOODROP 3D -- HD Anaglyph



'When what you see is not quite what you get' A 3D short live action film exploring 2D effects in a 3D setting. Originally part of the Experiment 5ive omnibus -- (Hence the black envelope with the picture inside, which had to be the common element of all 5 films. The other 4 are 2D only) This version is for viewing with red/cyan glasses. Watch the 2D HD version here -- . Side-by-Side 3D version for viewing on 3D monitors with shutter glasses -- K4&hd=1 Written and directed by Alexei Popogrebsky Featuring Grigory Dobrygin and Ina-Maria Jaich Photography by Peter Steuger; Production design by Erwin Prib; Art Direction and SFX by Niels Müller; Costume Design by Petra Wellenstein; Music by Dmitry Katkhanov; Stereography by Sarah Rotter; Editing by Vladimir Krug; Sound by Dmitri Batyzhev; Shot on Arri Alexas and Stereotec 3D rig; Postproduction by Pictorion das werk; Produced by METRAFILMS