Freedom Park Berlin



For the 50th anniversary of the beginning of building the berlin wall in 1961 the Dudes Factory and Lux Pop Art Group, presents the "FREEDOM PARK" a painting exhibition from a selection of the best contemporary artists made on the original cement segments of Berlin. The exhibition will be running until the 09.11.2014, date of the 25th of the Berlin wall fall and will every year invite more selected artists to join. Today the Wall is a symbol that "no challenge is too great for a world that stands together" (Obama, Berlin, 2008). The fall of the berlin wall brought new hope for a better future and provides evidence that the greatest danger is that new walls separate us from each other. The "FREEDOM PARK" is a monument to the memory of the happiness that was brought through the fall of the berlin wall in November 1989, but should also represents a wake-up call about the problems of our times.