High / Low

Source: http://vimeo.com/8095098


( Update with the full version - 12/02/11 ) Directed and Produced by Fabien Dubois. With Jérémie Ruiz Jimenez & Gabriel Bouvier. contact : duboisfabien1006@yahoo.fr website : http://www.highlow-themovie.com imdb : imdb.com/title/tt1541803/ Synopsis Two brothers just moved to Tokyo.The first one is working on a decibel map project. The second one, totally lost and confused, drowns his dreariness in alcohol. 二人の兄弟は東京へ引っ越して来たばかりだ。弟は、騒音マッププロジェクトに参加し働 き始める。しかし兄は、侘しさに混乱し自失する中、アルコールに溺れてゆく。