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TNK Pulsar | Making of

3d animation making nile pulsar

TNK Pulsar

3d animation auto compose fuel gas infograpgic pulsar tnk

Megafon | Music

3d megafon music portal

Intel Fashion show | Intro loop

3d animation intel loop motion

Megafon | Moscow International Film Festival

3d film megafon movie superman zombie

Stunt Poetry

60d acrobatics arts canon clint dslr effects film jumps man mansell martial mo motion premiere short slo slow stunt stunts twixtor

850 METERS, the making-of : #3 Design, Modeling and Texturing (VOST-FR)

3d animation behind cgi comedy film making scenes short

850 METERS teaser

3d animation cg cgi cinema comedy film short teaser trailer

850 METERS, the making-of : #2 Storyboard and Animatic (VOST-FR)

3d animation behind comedy film making scenes short

850 METERS, the making-of : #1 The origins (VOST-FR)

3d animation comedy film making short

Karlax @ Salon Music&You 2010

alice claus da delphine diasnas fact francois gaspar geiss herve jean karlax lochard music&you philippe sir zucker zygel

Philippe Geiss plays Karlax

arts audio audiovisual balzac da digital fact geiss karlax midi paris philippe video wireless

Karlax controls tutorial

arts controler da digital fact karlax midi

Sheeped Away - a short but educative making of

animation away hku imajunation kmt sheeped

Sheeped Away

animation away cartoon hku imajunation sheep sheeped sprookjesgrot