Commercial Reel 2015



A reel of my commercial work (the ones I'm allowed to show!) from my time spent at Psyop and Nathan Love over the last 9-ish years. Hope you enjoy! BREAKDOWN NBC "Peacock" - Animation Director/Animator Sunset Overdrive "E3 trailer" - Animator/ Anim Lead Norton "Stuff" - Animator/ Animation Director Telstra "Big Night In" - Co-Director/Animator Koolaid "Purple + Yellow" - Co-Director/Animator Best Buy "Holidays" - Co-Director/Animator Nesquik "No Fun" - Co-Director/Animator Clash of Clans "Shocking Moves" - Animation Director/Animator Clash of Clans "PEKKA" - Animation Director/Animator Magics Diapers - Animation Director/Animator Clash of Clans "Clan Wars" - Co-Director/Animator Chevy "Joyride Superbowl" - Co-Director New Zealand Transit Authority - Animation Director/Animator Bloodtrail - Animation Director/Animator Coke "Happiness Factory" - Animator Microsoft "Re-Core E3 Trailer" - Animator Bundaberg Red "Catfish" - Live action "river" set Co-Director/Animation Director Twinings "Sea" - Animation Director Suicide Cabbage - Animation Director Planters "The Team" - Co-Director/Animator Cell South "Squid" - Animation Director Rabbitard "Xmas" - Animator Chips Ahoy "Rocky and Oz" - Animation Director Special thanks to all the amazing animators/artists I've worked with over the years. Much of this reel would not be possible without you, and you all know who you are, so I thank you. Weeeehaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!