Travel Channel Little Journeys - Outdoors



Little Journeys is a series of seven 60 second films we are making for the Travel Channel. The films are all stop-frame animation with a bit of post-production good stuff here and there when needed. This one stars a little man who turns up for work and decides he’s bored of his job. He runs away and keeps going – running and cycling until he’s bloody happy. The props and people featured in the films are all 1/76(ish) scale models. The outdoor scenes were captured on a Panasonic 4K camera and the indoor scenes on a Canon 5D Mk 3. The opening and end shots are locked off, whilst all other shots move from left to right to capture the journeyness of it all. We used a motorised Cinetics Cinemoco dolly rail controlled by stop motion software Dragon Frame. The films reflect the different entertainment genres of the channel’s programming; DIY, Cars and Bikes, Extreme Living and Travel. The films were produced by Perfect Tribe. “These new Travel Channel idents build on the success of the award-winning films we created for the Food Network earlier this year”, says Perfect Tribe Founder and Executive Producer Nikki Bentley. Animation by Andrew and clever stuff by Fu. Camera by Nich. Sound design by Nigel Manington.