101 Things I Learned in Business School— Book Review

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Chris Do takes an in-depth look at authors Michael W. Preis & Matthew Frederick's book, "101 Things I Learned in Business School," that distills what Michael learned by getting his MBA from Harvard Business School, and Ph.D. in marketing from George Washington University.

This book simplifies key business concepts into 1 lesson/tip at a time and is a part of the series "101 Things I Learned..." created by Matthew Frederick.

Overall, easy read, and a good primer for creatives looking to bone up on key business concepts.

What did you learn in business school? What do designers need to learn about business? Business crash course for creatives.

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02:18 How to run a meeting
04:48 Leadership/Management: Broaden your skills for higher positions.
07:08 Not making a decision is (still) a decision. Take action.
08:11 80/20 Rule: Focus on the 20% of effort that brings the results.
10:17 Autonomy: Tell others the result you need, not how to get it.
11:22 Hire your own boss
12:11 Complaining customers are often very loyal ones.
14:17 Sales & Negotiations: Build Trust.
14:25 Amateurs give advice. Experts diagnose.
16:53 Gain leverage and seek the win-win.
19:07 Connectors: People who can introduce you to new networks of opportunities.
20:52 Clarity: Do Fewer Things, but do them better.
23:08 Pricing: factor in costs of goods sold, profit, and the value created.

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