Asana - Timeline



Projects were never meant to be planned in spreadsheets. Timeline from Asana makes it easy to see, share and adapt your projects. From beginning to incredible end. Client: Asana Directed by: Oddfellows Creative Direction: Chris Kelly Art Direction: Jay Quercia Executive Production: Erica Kelly Production: Dennis Samatulski Script: Tyler Sharkey Design: Jay Quercia, Yuki Yamada, Additional Design: Sarah Beth Morgan Cel Animation: Khylin Woodrow, Kavan Magsoodi, Tyler Morgan, Melissa Farina, Jay Quercia, Barbara Benas, Mattias Breitholtz, Sitji Chou, 2d Animation: Tyler Morgan, Chris Kelly 3d Animation: Steven Savalle, Chris Kelly, Wei-shen Wang Music and Sound: Sono Sanctus