Google I/O Conference Countdown (2018)



A countdown for three screens commissioned by Google. It kicked off their 2018 Google I/O Developer Conference, which took place at the Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View. On the center screen is a playful series of transitions between numbers from the Google Sans typeface, drawn frame by frame in Adobe Animate. On the side screens, a system of 60 patterns (5 families of 12 patterns each) were edited to highlight the rhythm of the drums. The soundtrack was composed and performed by Tom Haines of Brains & Hunch. It features all sorts of percussions, including Chinese toms toms, Chinese cymbals, gongs, African log drums, skulls, cowbells, a variety of mallets and a 6 foot tall taiko drum. Watch the live version on YouTube: 00o& Credits Client: Google Production Company: Nexus Studios Executive Producers: Chris O'Reilly & Charlotte Bavasso Producers: Mariano Melman & Kirsty Ratcliffe Project Manager: Lucy Caetano Direction & Design: Nicolas Ménard 2D Animation: Pablo Lozano, Amanda Holm, James Turzynski Additional Artworking: Dani Bethel Special Effects: Elliott Kajdan Comping: Daniel Romero Music: Brains & Hunch Recorded in London at Air Edel Sound Design & Mixing: Fonic 2018