Beatles at the Top Ten Club Hamburg 1961 (pictures)



In April 1961 the Beatles made their second visit to Hamburg to appear at the Top Ten Club, 136 the Reeperbahn, Hamburg. They performed April through June 1961. Within a few weeks Stu had left the band to be with Astrid Kirchherr and to enrol at the Hamburg Art College.

The pictures are sourced from various sources on the Net and are all taken at the Top Ten Club, primarily they comprise 4 different sets of photos during the Beatles season at the Club.

The pics show for example Paul playing Piano, singing without a guitar, or playing lead guitar using a right-handed guitar turned upside down. Also Crates of beer can be seen on the stage along with half drunk beer bottles testiment to the endless supply of beer that was supplied free to the Band.

The audience join in their performance and John can be seen jumping around the stage. This is a rare glimpse into the life of the Beatles in Hamburg.

There is no recording in existence of the Beatles at the Top Ten Club 1961 so as a backdrop to the pictures a 'quality' live recording of Twist and Shout was used from The Royal Command performance November 1963. This is something of the sound of the Beatles from this time.

John was widely quoted as saying that the Beatles played some of their best music in Hamburg. It is also widely acknowledged that their later success was due in large part to the many long nights performing and honing their skills and teamwork in Hamburg.