Living With A Raccoon: 1 Year Update



Raccoons are great when they are babies, but they don't stay young for long. They grow up fast, and when they do, they become very stubborn. This is because they are preparing to leave there mom when they are out in the wild. They are trying to figure things out for themselves because they will be on there own very soon.

Even at the three month mark raccoons are definitely considered babies, but this is when they start getting out of hand. They like to do what they want, and that usually means not doing what you want them to do. It is very important that you cut out any unwanted behaviors at this time because they are still small and impressionable. They won't be for very long, and if you let these behaviors go unchecked, when they are full grown adults it will become a massive problem. Things that are cute when they are little, such as ear biting, isn't as cute when they are adults. They can easily bite through your ear, lip, or fingers.

Raccoons are extremely strong animals so its important to have them behaving the way you would want them to when they are young so they will be more tame when they are older. If you have any questions feel free to message me at my email:

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Living with a Raccoon: 1 Year Update
This is a do it yourself raccoon video, where I tell you how to take care of one and the things you should do while they are growing up. I also go over some frequently asked questions you might have about raccoons, and baby raccoons. Don't forget to check out my FAQ raccoon video as well! Its important to do as much research on these guys as you before getting one. They are a lot of work and are definitely not a pet most people should have. Also source your pet raccoon ethically and legally!

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