1894 Boxing Match -Corbett and Courtney Before the Kinetograph -HD Version

Source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9jlgSJtNkWI


Filmed: 7th September 1894
Location: Thomas Edison’s Black Maria Studio at West Orange - New Jersey – United States
James J. Corbett and Peter Courtney both take part in a specially arranged boxing match under special conditions that allow for it to be filmed and displayed on a Kinetograph arcade film viewing machine. The match consists of six one minute rounds. There were 6 individual one minute films, one for each round. According to sources only part of one of the individual one minute films has survived, and this is what is viewed at the Library of Congress website. However, this upload contains extra footage not seen on the Library of Congress website version, as well the film has been treated with digital technology, resulting in a clearer widescreen version.
At the time, James J. Corbett was heavyweight boxing champion of the world while Peter Courtney was billed as a New Jersey boxing champion and clearly was the underdog in this match up. Corbett wearing his famous short shorts seems to be toying with Courtney. This film is considered more of a boxing exhibition (sparring sessions) than an actual boxing contest.