The Dog Who was an Official Prisoner of War



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In 1936, the crew of the British gunboat HMS Gnat lacked a mascot, and the captain and crew decided to remedy that situation before starting patrols on the Yangtze River. Their sister gunboats, the Bee, Cicada, and Cricket already had mascots of their own.

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http://w news/724_prisoner-of-war-dog-judy-_-pdsa -dickin-medal-and-collar-to-be-presented -to-the-imperial-war-museum
http://nypos -canine-pow/ expat/expatpicturegalleries/9084124/Brit ains-most-celebrated-dogs.html?image=14 dogs/judy-the-only-official-canine-pow-o f-wwii/ 6-judy-the-heroine-dog-in-a-million
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Image Credit: MS_Gnat_(T60)#/media/File:HMS_Gnat_China _Station_1922_IWM_Q_093287.jpg
https://c risoners_at_Dunkerque,_France.jpg
https: // uculent.jpg
https://commons.wikimedia.or g/wiki/File:War_Ends.jpg dy_grave_hu_43991.jpg
https://en.wikiped hu_42990.jpg ki/Judy_(dog)#/media/File:Judy_puppies_h u_43988.jpg m/ru/image-130872230/stock-photo-recall% 2C-3d-rendering%2C-a-yellow-road-sign
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