Americans Have No Idea How Much Fuel Idling Uses



How much fuel does engine idling use? Does idling waste fuel? How much fuel does it take to start a car? Do engine start-stop systems save gas? The truth about engine start stop systems.
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How much fuel does an idling engine use? After how long will an idling engine use more fuel than simply shutting the engine off, and then restarting it? It turns out, most Americans have no idea, as the journal of Energy Policy interviewed 1,300 US drivers, and the average time guessed was 3.6 minutes! 3.6 minutes worth of engine idling fuel required to simply start up an engine!

Well, let's put the myths to rest and look at actual data, published in the journal of SAE. Researchers took two identical engines and measured their idle fuel consumption, how much fuel they required to start up, and then spent time conducting real world driving tests to see if engine start-stop systems actually save fuel. Check out the video to see the results!

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