Its Called Tricking - A documentary on the history and culture of martial arts tricking



It's not tricking if you're not having fun. Originating from martial arts kicks, tricking is a form of self-expression that blends kicking, twisting, and flipping into creative combinations. The tricking phenomena, driven by online video sharing, is a global community of athletes who see their art as not only an alternative sport, but a lifestyle.

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Throughou t 2010, Jacob Wolfman traveled around the country, grabbing whatever camera he could find, and went out and filmed some of the best trickers in the US and the World. Using only the equipment available at the local library, Jacob developed a 50 minute long documentary about tricking by simply letting the trickers in their own words, explain what it is that they do.

Sesshoumaru, Gemma Nguyen, Mike Welch, Ben Atkins, Mike Chat, Jefferson Lewis, Emerson Doyle, John Vanek, Dave Cheatwood, Vellu Saarela, Michael Guthrie and MORE!

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After you watch this project, be sure to check out Jefferson Lewis' parody, "It's Called Bombing" featuring Ben Atkins & Scotty Skelton: YM ~~ Hahaha I love it Jayel!

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