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Richard Williams- Animating Movement

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Video Essay - Fellini and Sorrentino, two directors portraying Rome

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Antonioni's Walkabout (2018)

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COUP DE FOUDRE (For Peggy Cummins)

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Essence of Lynch: Meditations on Nineteen Themes 1977-1997

david essay lynch video


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Eraserhead- Exploring Nowhere (Video Essay)

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It's A Wonderful Hitchcock

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The Thinking Machine 13: Between Two Plot Points

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The Thinking Machine 12: Strangulation Blues

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The Thinking Machine 14: Moon, Waterfall, Tree, Stream

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C. Nolan's DUNKIRK - From Archives To Movie

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Color in Napoleon Dynamite

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Video Essay: Quiet in "Moonlight"

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360° Zoetrope: The Horse In Motion (1878)

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