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Lullaby Theories: A Secret Message

2d abstract animation cel cell character characters design drawn fluid frame gate hand handdrawn illustration lullaby pain science stem theories theory

The Metamorphosis of a Dragonfly

beauty biology documentary dragonfly insect macro magical metamorphosis nature science transformation


animated experimental fiction film science short superposition theory

5 Things Film Editors Literally Do - According To Science

andy belongs clark cutting dr. edit editing editor editors edits fe film filmmaking guy karen learn mind murch pape pearlman rhythms science supersizing sven theory think thinking video walter your

Resynthesis - Max Cooper

abstract animation art cooper dublin effects experimental ireland kevin max mcgloughlin science sligo space speed surreal time warp

Editing Is Re-Writing. Make Writing Re-Editing.

cutting dr. draft editing editor editors edits fee film george guy instinct intuitive karen lucas martin onscreen pape pearlman quentin rhythms science scorsese script sven tarantino theory think thinking

Envisioning Chemistry: Chemical Garden II

beauty chemistry envisioning science


art digital fiction fractal fractals mandelbulb mb3d psychedelic science scifi

Sputnik-2 or: Laika, Our Hero

1 animals cccp cold did die dogs history laika nasa popsci popular russia science soviet space sputnik war

Product Recall | Full Film

ben cern collider dark film god hadron horror imaginary matter mill particle physics product recall science scifi short smith susy vfx

Inside the Vintage Bombers NASA is Using to Chase the Solar Eclipse

aviation documentaries eclipse nbc nbc20left20field news science solar20eclipse

Go See This Eclipse

2017 american babies diamond eclipse great ring science solar space total totality

Nabokov's Butterflies - Shelf Life 360

360 butterflies butterfly entomology georeferencing lepidoptera lolita moth nabokov road science specimens trip u.s.a video vladimir


aeon anosmia biology doc documentary jacob lamendola magazine science senses short smell video

OFFF Milano 2017 Main Titles

art barcelona bernard cinematography deco fiction herrman italy makeup milan offf science scifi sfx vfx


2d animation fantasy fiction science