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The Ministry (2016) a film by Khyan Mansley

3 adam butler chris ciaran cinematic colour comedy crabstickz crookes david davis digital elms film form incubator kendall khyan letluce letty loxley lucy mansley ministry mitchell new obrien pearman short surreal tv

What to Do About Insomina | TSOL commission

2d animation film insomnia life school short

Let's Not Panic

asteroid bridge brittle brooklyn comedy manhattan new panda peanut romcom short sotw therapist tribeca week york

Grandma Shirley

c300 canon doc documentary f55 grandma iphone new ny queens rye shirley short sony vhs york

Claire Cronin - The Unnatural | Music Video

2d animation bizarre claire cronin film ghost music narrative short video

The Counting Sheep

animation cg college counting film malarkey maya rcad ringling senior sheep sheeple short student thesis


3d 3dsmax acrobatie animation audition car cgi circus cirque effects film garage movie photoshop premiere short vray zbrush


3d animated animation cat cats cg discover film houdini outside shed short sidefx


animation cuts door doors effects film gateway jesi jte kick portal short shortcuts spacetravel teleportation timetravel vfx visual visualfx xpace younger

Doorcuts [] Teaser (2016)

alternate doorcuts effects film ghibli narnia short shortcuts star trek universe visual


3dsmax animation cgi fuel garage italian kitsch lourdlourd maya mechanics mopa movie retro short substance supinfocom zbrush

THE CHAIR - short horror film

film horror narrative short

The Arrival

barber ciaran daniel design emily film forever kellgren montanarini motherhood mothers pictures short shot studio zen

Jake Dypka x Hollie McNish - Embarrassed

acts breastfeeding dypka film hollie jake mcnish mothers random short spoken word


abstract animation daniel design film graphics grid looksee motion savage short

The Odyssey

adventure animation imagination movie short