Bill Sauder's Most Memorable Moment with Titanic Artifacts...



... it is kind of sad.

"The one thing I'll remember about the Titanic artifacts till the day I die is when the Saalfeld perfume vials came up. When you recover stuff from the titanic, it's wet, it's rusty, and it's rotten, and the smell that comes off it is perfectly alien, perfectly fetid, you know it's a kind of death you have never experienced. And so the lab is kind of unpleasant, and all of a sudden somebody opens up this satchel -- this leather satchel and out comes the fragrance of heaven. It's all these flowers and fruity favors, and it's delicious. It's the most wonderful thing you've ever had. It was just a complete overwhelming experience. It was almost like the fragrance of heaven kind of goes through the room. Instead of being surrounded by all these dead things, for those few minutes... the ship was alive again." ~ Bill Sauder