Gummy Gas Crisis tells the story of a space gasman, Ed, who must overcome various obstacles in order to save his hometown. In this adventure, the mayor of the city asks Ed to fix a gas leak caused by an enemy. The enemy, a virus called Lord Gasideous, wants to dominate everyone by spreading his gas all over the city. Will he be able to save them all? DIRECTED BY Rodrigo Díaz ART DIRECTION Andrés De Mula SCRIPT Rodrigo Díaz Andrés De Mula CHARACTER DESIGN Rodrigo Díaz BACKGROUND DESIGN Rodrigo Díaz Andrés De Mula 3D ANIMATION Rodrigo Díaz Terry Chocolaad RIGGING Terry Chocolaad Andrés De Mula 3D MODELING Tim Mc Clane Andrés De Mula Mario Mendoza 2D ANIMATION Memé Candia GRAPHIC DESIGN Andrés De Mula COMPOSITING Rodrigo Díaz Andrés De Mula ORIGINAL MUSIC & SOUND DESIGN Andrés Grosso Carlos Del Río ENGLISH SUBTITLES Leticia López BLIRP.TV 2017